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Thursdays with the Crown - eBook

Thursday brings even more adventure in the third book of this delightful New York Times bestselling series from Jessica Day George.Castle Glower has been acting weird, so it's no surprise when two towers transport Celie and her siblings to an unknown land. When they realize that no one from home is coming to get them, the kids--along with Celie's pet griffin Rufus--set out through the forest to figure out where they are and what's happened to their beloved Castle.Instead, they discover two wizards and an entire lost people, the oldest inhabitants of Castle Glower. And it seems they may know more of the Castle's secrets than Celie. But do they know how to get her back home?Don't miss these other stories from New York Times bestselling author Jessica Day George:The Rose Legacy seriesThe Rose LegacyTuesdays at the Castle seriesTuesdays at the CastleWednesdays in the TowerThursdays with the CrownFridays with the WizardsSaturdays at SeaDragon Slippers seriesDragon SlippersDragon FlightDragon SpearThe Twelve Dancing Princesses seriesPrincess of the Midnight BallPrincess of GlassPrincess of the Silver WoodsSun and Moon, Ice and SnowSilver in the Blood

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4.5 stars. I loved get...
4.5 stars. I loved getting to explore the world outside Castle Glower finally and find out so much about the Castle and the origin of the griffins :D. I want my own baby griffin now D:
By anyaejo on 2015-08-11

I have not read the fi...
I have not read the first two books in this series. So you might ask than why would I jump right in and check out book three. It is because I had a chance to read book three and since I have been seeing this book all over I thought I would not pass up the chance to read this book and see what this series is about. I am always on the hunt for more books for my nephews to read. I think reading for children is important and I want them to enjoy reading like I do. First off, while I have not read the prior novels, I had no problems jumping right into this book and I don't think my nephews will have a problem either. This is because the author did a good job of making this story progress and not reference to the past events too much. The wording in this book is nice as well. There are not too big of words and it flows easy. So the younger readers can read this book on their own with little assistance. Celie, her friends and siblings were a fun bunch. They helped keep things entertaining. Rufus was awesome. I can just see my nephews wanting their own griffiths. Now that I have gotten a taste for this series, I will have to check out the prior novels.
By Cherylk on 2014-09-04

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