More than three years ago, we embarked on a massive project to provide users with not just another Amazon price tracking website, but also a comparison engine that allows price comparisons between various retailers like BestBuy, HomeDepot, Target, and Amazon. In that time we have grown from zero to over 150K monthly visitors on our website and more than 60K active users of our browser extensions - all free of charge to our users. Our robot also operates in thousands of subreddits, providing pricing information visible to millions of users on Reddit.


Unfortunately, it seems our service has to come to an untimely end.


After being previously told we were in 100% compliance with the rules, our Amazon affiliate account was closed a few months ago. Amazon claimed we were violating their rules against showing product and price information that was more than 24 hours old. Obviously, this is something ALL price history trackers do, not just PriceZombie.


Overnight, we lost over 90% of our income but we kept going, hoping to resolve any issues and return to compliance. However, our appeals to Amazon affiliate program administrators ( and even Jeff Bezos ( were either ignored or answered incompletely, leaving us wondering if anyone was listening. This situation is further compounded by our competitors (who only index Amazon) being allowed to continue despite utilizing Amazon's data in the same manner as we did without facing similar bans. As you can imagine, being dealt with so unfairly and arbitrarily is very frustrating but in the end, the one that really suffers is you: our loyal user.


With the server and bandwidth costs mounting, we are planning to discontinue our service on 3/31/2016**.


If there are any investors out there who might be interested in PriceZombie - either the company or the technology - please contact us at


July 11th UPDATE: We've been in talks with several companies about a buyout. Several have expressed interest in having PriceZombie continue in its current form, which is great news, but at this time no offers have come through and that means we'll be shutting down the service shortly unless a new offer appears soon.