What is PriceZombie?

PriceZombie is simply the best consumer resource on the web. We search multiple national online retailers to bring you current products, current prices, descriptions, user reviews, and price histories. We gather all the data you need to make informed decisions before you purchase.


PriceZombie does not sell the products, we guide you to the best deals so you can purchase directly from the retailer of your choice.

Is this a good price?

You wouldn't be here if you weren't already a smart shopper. You read ratings and reviews before deciding which product you want to purchase, and then you look for the best price.


How do you know you're getting the best price? Do you visit the retailer and if the price looks good, you buy it? Do you visit price comparison sites that tell you what major retailers are currently charging, so you can choose the retailer with the best price right now? Do you look at store affiliated price tracking sites that show Amazon's price history so can avoid buying at the highest price?


That's all well and good, but even combined these site only give you part of the picture.


You need to “cross shop” and that is what PriceZombie will let you do.


PriceZombie combines it all, by featuring multiple retailers - not just one or two who pay us an affiliate fee when you make a purchase. Retailers provide us with product pictures and descriptions, ratings and reviews and you can post your own comments in our forums, and our custom code lets us track recent price histories across dozens of national retailers so you know at a glance when and where to find the best deal on the items you want.

Unbiased results

Every savvy shopper knows they have to shop around to take advantage of loss leaders, seasonal bargains, coupons, sales, and other good deals.


Wouldn't it be nice if you were expert search engine and database developers and could build the type of website you want to use to comparison shop? It would search the web for product and price information and bring it all back to one place where you could read and review before you buy. Well, we're those experts. We are building a site we want to use ourselves, and listening to your input and great ideas to make it even better.


We do not promote one retailer above another. We promote the best deals we can find.

Price drops

You probably know some products rarely go on sale, some products are offered at significant seasonal discounts, and others can be had at bargain prices every 4, 8, or 12 weeks. But did you know some retailers display different prices depending on the time of day, your location, even your past shopping habits?


PriceZombie constantly gathers data from retailers to bring you current prices, and we also show price histories for all of our retailers so you know at a glance if the best price is the price that is currently offered, or if it makes good shopping sense to wait for a better deal.


Here are some examples taken right from our pages.



Do you see a pattern here? In one day, the price of a popular gaming system fluctuated between $271.99 and $267.99 . That's not a huge savings on this item, but wouldn't you wait a few minutes to save a few dollars?



This item, a video of a popular movie, shows even greater savings – high price, $13.69, lowest price, $2.89. One look tells you this item frequently drops in price by a substantial amount. Don't buy it when it is at its highest price! Wait, and you'll get a much better deal.


When comparing the same item between two or more retailers, called “cross shopping”, then you should not only look at price, but also consider factors such as the cost of shipping and/or availability of local pickup, warranties and guarantees, and the reputation of the retailer when it comes to service and returns.