Apr 20, 2014




Today we have a revised search algorithm in place that should work a bit better than earlier versions.

We include reddit threads as part of other discussions about a product.

Finally, the charts on the website now allow you to scale the timeframes, allowing you to see the price history of a product based on 30 day intervals.


Apr 19, 2014




Bunch of new updates to talk about today.

1. We now have Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. They allow you to instantly see pricing information directly from your browser as you view the stores that PriceZombie supports.

2. Watchlist can do a one-time import from Amazon. It now can also do a permanent sync too. This means anytime your wish list changes on Amazon, it changes on PriceZombie. Just like magic =)

3. Started adding in automatic preferences. Sort order on many pages now get stored, so you don't need to keep resetting the values.

4. Screenshots on PriceZombie are now 1280x800 resolution. High enough resolution that you can print them out and use for your price protection forms.

5. New store - BestBuy.


Apr 19, 2014




We have 3 new stores -- welcome Gander Mountain, Macys, and Nordstrom!


Mar 26, 2014




We have a new search engine back end system in place that should help provide much improved results. Example: A search for "poptart" will now match the actual product with the name of "Pop Tarts"


Mar 22, 2014




We now have a new menu entry called Lowest Prices. It serves a different purpose to the Price Drop page.

Price drop page lists prices that have recently decreased. It excludes products that have had a price increase and then decrease within a 30 day period in order to omit "false" drops. Products are sorted based on % decreased.

The new Lowest price page is different in that it only lists items that have hit new low prices. A price point lower than we have ever seen before. The sorting is done based on the percentage difference between the last lowest price and the current price.


Mar 11, 2014




We just hit 70 million price points. BestBuy is being added.


Feb 9, 2014




Major speed increases have been found in optimizing the way we calculate search results. For most searches, this means a 50% speed up in page load times.


Jan 17, 2014




Subscribe & Save (So you can save 15% instead of 5% by having 6 or more S&S items per delivery) and Add-on item (Great for finding the highest discounted add on items) categories have added for Amazon.


Nov 16, 2013




Price trends now broken down by category.

Price drop page also lets you select category to browse through.


Oct 27, 2013




2 more new stores added. Search results are now in the form of card view instead of list view.


Oct 20, 2013




Price Trends have been added. Now you can clearly see if prices within a given category are trending up or down


Oct 11, 2013




We're in the process of adding a dozen new stores!


Oct 2, 2013




We have new charting software now. It not only looks nicer, but identifies which price points have screenshots available.

Product types are combined. For example, you don't need to switch tabs to see new and used items at Amazon. Both appear under a single Amazon tabbox. This should simplify the display and make things quicker.


Sep 22, 2013




New front page! Yay.


Aug 25, 2013




We're getting so much traffic, the only way to resolve the image slowdown is a brand new rack.

SSD drives in raid-10. Should be in place by the end of the week.


Aug 21, 2013




New front page design is in place.

We're almost done resolving IO issues that have caused slowdowns on image loading.


Jul 29, 2013




eCost and Newegg have been added!

We now also pull third party products and render them in the search results and product view pages. There's a little bit of tweaking left, but it's mostly up and running.


Jul 7, 2013




We're now monitoring 25 stores with 1,647,280 products.

A new system is in place to greatly expand the products indexed. Stay tuned!


Jul 2, 2013




Version 1.0 of the site is complete. Stand by for additional stores to be added!


Jun 23, 2013




This weekend we put in place a new search engine. It works really nicely. From my testing, the results are spot on. It's like night and day compared to the old search.

The site now also allows images to be cached, so you aren't constantly fetching images that you have already downloaded. This should help speed up the site.


Jun 22, 2013




The search bar now has a category limiter.

It looks deceptively simple, however due to the number of different stores indexed by PriceZombie, coming up with a way to limit search by category when each store has their own category/tag/attributes is no easy task.

Additionally, we now have Editor Picks, a way for us to hand pick items that we think you should know about (regardless of price drop).


Apr 22, 2013




We now have a new front page. The goal is to show the depth of the products monitored by PriceZombie. Deals could be anything - from shoes to car parts. There is something in there for everyone.


We've been spending time to optimize and shrink network usage, so the site loads faster.


Apr 20, 2013




We now index 20 stores. Additional stores will be added soon. Currently there is a half million products being monitored.


Mar 26, 2013




Welcome to the PriceZombie blog. We will be posting about site changes on this page to keep everyone up to date on what is happening and what changes should be expected.