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Finally, a website and browser extension that combines price history tracking charts and comparison shopping.


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Price Drops

Price History   Tracking

PriceZombie is now tracking 292,378,000 price changes!

Are you looking for price drops and price history for an item? PriceZombie's price tracking shows the price history of every store we index. Our price tracking graphs will show if the current price is a true bargain, or previously had a lower price.

Search multiple online stores

We offer Multiple   Stores

Why bother with price trackers that only support one store when you can lookup prices from dozens?

PriceZombie knows no one store has the best price for all products at all times. Letting you look up price history from multiple stores means you'll be able to make informed decisions when you buy.

Comparison Shopping

Comparison   Shopping

PriceZombie monitors many online shopping sites and combines like products so you can find the best price from the lowest priced store.

We show you the price of an item across all supported stores. You can tell at a glance which store has the current lowest price as well as which one has had the lowest ever price. We are constantly adding more stores, so check back frequently.

Product watchlist

Integrated   Watchlist

The item you want costs too much? Add it to your watch list and when stores drop the price on items you want, PriceZombie lets you know!

PriceZombie even has an Amazon wish list sync feature. Any product you add to your Amazon wish list gets automatically added to PriceZombie watch list with a price drop monitor. When it hits your target % drop, you'll receive an email.

Sales Rank

Sales   Rank

We don't stop at just tracking prices, PriceZombie takes you further, giving you insights to how well products are sold. Sales ranking information is available on both our website and in our browser extensions.

Find price deals and bargains

Deals   and   Bargains

PriceZombie has more than one way to find what you want! Browse through deals and bargains by price drops, by category, or by store.

Price drop protection

Price Protection   Tracker

Did you know that many stores have price drop protection? It's usually not well advertised, but saavy consumers make use of price drop protection to save even more.

For example,'s price drop assurance program says, if the item you purchase drops in price within 7 days they will refund the difference. If you purchased with Discover, they provide 90 days of price protection. Some credit cards offer 120 days and beyond! The problem is keeping track of all your purchases, price drops, and price protection periods for each store. Now, PriceZombie does it all for you. You'll be instantly notified if you're eligible for a refund.

Verification Screenshots


When you apply for price drop protection with your credit card company, you will need to show evidence of the new lower price. Since prices change so frequently, it can be difficult to get the printout of the sales page in time. PriceZombie has your back; we not only tell you when the price dropped, but we also keep screenshots of the product pages for you! Just print them out and include with your paperwork when filing.

Automatic Price Localization

Price   Localization

The internet is a global marketplace. As such, local currency shouldn't be an impediment to finding out what a good price is for a product. PriceZombie can automatically convert a store's price history into hundreds of local currencies. Just set your preferred currency and we'll automatically convert all prices for you. This functionality works site wide, including browser extensions.

We respect your privacy


PriceZombie supports your right to privacy. We do not share or sell personal identifying information about our users, including your email address. We do not share information about your personal shopping habits. Please review our complete privacy policy or contact us if your have any questions.

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